Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~25 CSIL Tweets

For the month of December I'm tweeting daily about Christmas songs I like, in no particular order. I'll keep a running list on this post.

~25CSIL. Ok, "like" may be a strong word, but my Christmas playlist was incomplete 'till I heard this 1 by Ricky Martin

~25CSIL. There are better versions of this song, but its pretty cool to hear Weezer sing about Jesus.

~25CSIL. Fun album. So, technically, not a Christmas song, but I like Hanukkah Blessings by Barenaked Ladies

~25CSIL. If you don't know about the "A Very Special Christmas Series" you're missin' out. Heard this one last year,

~CSIL. This one for yesterday. #2 from Niche Christmas Series. James Brown's "Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto"

~25CSIL (Christmas Songs I Like). Niche Christmas Series: British Class War. The Kinks' Father Christmas (Misfits '78) ~25CSIL--Fav. Christmas album from '08: Sara Groves' O Holy Night. Fav. track: #2, More to say 'bout this album later.

~25CSIL The Killers released their 4th Christmas single today (they do 1 every year). Still my fav (from 2007):

25 CSIL-Its hard to pick one from Sufjan Steven's 5 disc Christmas project, how about "Once in David's Royal City"

25+/- Christmas song's I like, in no particular order.
This one for the kids
Original version:
Original Follow-Up:
There's a reggae version too:


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