Friday, September 11, 2009

The Essence of Discipleship

This meditation is less devotional; more direct. I'm asking you to meditate on a question.
A few days ago I posted a status update on my Facebook & Twitter pages in which I stated that I was pondering the "essence of Christian discipleship." I also invited people's thoughts on the issue. The results were not surprising. Turns out, most of us have our own particular version of what discipleship means. It's a curious word; and, its use in the context of the Christian faith has certainly been wide and varied. Yet, Matthew 28:19 makes it clear that the #1 priority of the apostles, which was, in turn, to be handed off to the church, is to "make disciples of all nations." And, most churches cite this verse in their mission statements (you weren't a successful church/business in the 90's or at the turn of the millennium if you didn't have one of those, you know). So if making disciples is the church's responsibility, if discipleship is our mission, shouldn't we have some inkling of what discipleship is on the most basic level? Shouldn't we be able to readily identify the essence of Christian discipleship?
I want to invite you to ponder the "essence of discipleship" with me. Share your thoughts with me on facebook , twitter. or right here. In your mind, what is the essence of Christian discipleship?
A Curious Disciple,
dan white


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