Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nehemiah 3

My message from 7/12 was about Standing Firm in the face of opposition.
Here's the intro from the bulletin:

Are you one of those people who jumps into a project headfirst and lets the details sort themselves out? Or, do you stress yourself out, thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong before you take action. The latter extreme may keep you from ever making a move, while the former may leave you exposed to problems you never saw coming.
No matter what your approach may be, there are some threats to your plans that can't be stopped. And, when faced with those threats, the choice is always the same, "Do I give up on this endeavor, or do I stand firm." Ultimately, our choice in this dilemma is based on our assessment of whether the endeavor is worth the struggle.
As we continue to consider the book of Nehemiah, we will note a third building block for a successful new beginning—"Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition." In our New Beginning together, I hope that you will stand firm with me, as we carry out this ancient task and, what should be, our singular focus as a church—making disciples of Jesus Christ. There will be opposition as we undertake this mission, but our commitment to it will always be worth the struggle.

Audio messages from our SCC's Sunday Morning Worship Service will be available soon.


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