Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music that Stirs the Soul

Tammy and I joined her sisters and their husbands (my friends) last weekend to view Andrew' Peterson's Christmas Musical, Behold the Lamb of God: The True Tall Tale of the Coming Christ (BTLOG). This is not the kind of musical that has costumes, obnoxiously boisterous singing, and a little overacting. This is a lyrical retelling of the Christmas Story that begins in the book of Genesis, makes its way quickly through the Old Testament theme of the coming Messiah, retells the events of our Savior's birth, and concludes with a beautiful overture in which all those themes are wrapped up in the worship of this Christ, who was God in the form of a baby, lying in a feeding trough.
This "musical" is performed every year at the Ryman Auditorium (former home to the Grand Ol' Opry) in Nashville, TN and features some poignant and talented christian artists. So many artists have been associated with this project over the past 9 years that there truly are to many to list, and I'd hate to leave out some of the lesser known names, because they are just as talented--perhaps more so--than the one's you'd recognize.
I love the music in this production just as much as I love to hear the artful retelling of the story of the coming Christ. So when those two beautiful elements combine, the message is moving, to say the least. I don't know if Andrew has the roadies (I'm pretty sure the artists and the roadies are one and the same) pump estrogen into the air conditioning ducts of the venues in which they play, but the combination of music that causes the heart to swell in emotion and the timeless beauty of the true tall tale of God taking on human form in the most unlikely of ways causes me to have to choke back the tears and lumps in my throat nearly every time I hear it; even more so when it's performed before my eyes by artists who feel the truth of the music they play and lyrics they sing. My soul was stirred to marvel at the wonder of this true tall tale.
Here's some compelling comments on the production from www.rabbitroom.com.
If you haven't heard this production, you can check it out on iTunes or buy any number of related products at the rabbit room store. Click on the "Behold the Lamb of God" tab. You might also want to browse around there; you'll find some music from some great story tellers there.
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P.S. The last track ("The Good Confession (I Believe)") on Andrew's latest album--which he performed last weekend prior to BTLOG--brings up the same lumps and tears. And I know there's no conspiracy involving air conditioning ducts, because the same thing happens when I'm riding down the road with my wife next to me and our kids in the back of the van. Anyone who has walked down the isle of a church to repeat this Good Confession, probably has a similar experience.


Dan & Tammy said...

First let me say it makes my heart fill with joy to read the words that my sister's husbands are your friends! I want nothing else than for my worlds to collide and combine like they have. We are truly blessed with friendship within our family and I thank you for making that happen as well. Also I can't wait until our kids and their spouses are friends. :)
Next, I am with you on the review of this music. Andrew and his friends have a wonderful way of displaying God's story of history. Thanks for going!! I love you!

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