Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Resurrection Letters Volume II

Most of the people reading this blog are probably aware of this fact already, but for those of you aren't, Andrew Peterson's latest album was released yesterday. Andrew graduated from my alma mater, Florida Christian College--a fact that I'm extremely proud of on days like today. On a more personal note, he is also my wife's former youth minister. She has many fond memories of listening to him tickle the yellowed ivorys on the old upright grand piano in her parent's family room. She tells me that he seemed able to bring that unsightly, slightly-out-of-tune antique to life, but that she didn't like his voice all that much :) She likes it now!

The new album is titled Resurrection Letters, Vol. II. If you're fairly familiar with Andrew's previous albums and you're wondering, "Did I miss the release of Vol. I?" Don't worry, the following links will explain the idea behind the title.
Here's the hilarious version:
click here
Here's the straightforward version:
click here

This whole album is an artful meditation, so I wont complicate/ruin the experience for you by commenting on his profound lyrics. I'll let the following critics do it; check out their reviews at the Rabbit Room (a project of Andrew's--a blog for Christian artists an their sympathizers) if your interested:
click here

Download the album from iTunes, purchase it at your local Christian bookstore, or get your copy directly from the artist himself (click here). Give it a listen. You're bound to find some not-so-random meditations & other things; not to mention that the quality of the music is superb!

A note to my fellow alumni: I'm proud to be associated with so many of you as well. You are out in the world impacting it for Christ as you "press on to God and glory...[telling] the old, old story." I think Andrew Peterson wrote a song about that--"Let There Be Light".


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